In previous post, I have explained some important setting and configuration on Hugo site so you can personalize it to your own like.

Create New Post and Page

Now comes the important part of the blog itself, the content, writing the content and publish it.

Basically there are 2 categories of content: Post and Page as explained in content directory section of my previous post:

  • page This is a placeholder where you can put all independent page that doesn’t show like the post entry. For example: About Us, Contact Us, and Portfolio Page.
  • post All content in this folder will appear descendingly by post’s published date. This will be your main folder where you put the site’s posts.

Create new post and page is similar.

To create a new post, put it under post folder:

hugo new content/post/<title>.md

And to create a new page, put it under page folder:

hugo new content/page/<title>.md